Testing call! Crochet Bob and Weave Balaclava

For those of you that said you wanted to test the original Bob and weave balaclava but you could only crochet, this is your chance! Comment or message me your email and I’ll send you the application to test

Hello All!

If you are interested in testing the balaclava design please fill out this application and answer each question as honestly as possible. I’ll read each application and will be selecting 3-5 testers.


  • Testers must be able to finish crocheting the pattern within 3 weeks of receiving the pattern, if you believe you may need more time for some reason please let me know as far ahead of time as you can
  • Failure to complete within the given time frame will result in you paying the original cost of the pattern.
  • Testers must provide feedback on the pattern and the testing process in a timely manner
  • Testers must provide 2 high quality photos of the finished object and allow for them to be used for promotion of the pattern.

About: The Balaclava is worked in a basketweave pattern, and finished with a 1x1 ribbing around the neck and around the face. Designed to offer coverage to the head and neck while still having a flattering cut around the face.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Sizes: One size fits all

Yarn Weight: DK 400yds


I’d love to be a tester for your pattern! The basketweave pattern looks so nice :relaxed:


It looks so good I wish I saw this way sooner, but I am way too busy.


Shoot me a message with your email and I’ll send you the application!