Testing Call Help

I was thinking of asking some of you guys to help test a pattern. Im not sure yet, but how would I do it. Like how would I ask people, and contact them, and have them send pics to me. Thank you!!

BTW: Its an amigurumi axolotl and it is adorable.


Post a request looking for testers with your pics and your needs/requirements for testing.

There’s more info on the details here: Ribblr help center | How can I set testers and editors for my patterns?


hey! I’ve only tested a few patterns but the best way to go about it is by taking a picture of your amiguruimi (or whatever it is you’re making) and post a tester call. It’s almost the same way you made this post but you do it under the red tester section. From there people will reply to your post like I’m doing and you can choose your testers my messaging them directly. I also made a google form for people to fill out to get their instagrams, names, level or whatever other info you need from them.

If you have other questions you can dm me and I’d love to help!


Oh I would crochet that in a heartbeat​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


If you need testers still im always avalible!


Bestie say no more when you figure it out I’d love to test it :relaxed: