Testing Journal - public to all testers

This is my first original post. I’m a little nervous.

So until the last update, when I was testing, I could look at other tester’s journals to see if they were having the same problems as me and how they fixed them. Or to look at their project to see if mine was going the right direction.

I completely understand the logic of blocking public journals during testing! My question is, if it wouldn’t be too difficult, would it be possible to allow approved testers of a project to view other tester’s journals of the same project?

Thank you for reviewing and considering this possibility.


So I think that it should be the testers and designers that can see it!


Thanks for sharing! We’d love to hear what designers think of this and we’ll continue for track feedback here.


Yeah this makes sense!

As a tester i like being able to see if anyone needs help as well and sometimes you can tell by the journal, especially as the owner of the pattern. If this gets added back it would be nice :+1:t2:


I would love this. I liked looking at other testers mostly cus im curious, but also to see if I was keeping pace with everyone else.


As a designer I am happy for my testers to be able to see each others journals.


Thank you so much.

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