The best Canadian Website to order sock yarn off of

I’ve recently got into knitting socks, I’m having a hard time finding fingering weight sock yarn in stores let alone solid sock yarn. I’d prefer ordering off of a Canadian website if possible. What are the go to websites you use to order sock yarn off of? Thanks in advance.


I’m not very familiar with online Canadian yarn stores, but I did try searching and came across this reddit post asking for best online yarn stores in Canada and there was comments with answers. It is on Reddit and if you don’t have the app (like I do) you can still view it in the browser just click the option to view in browser if it shows up. Hopefully those sites sell stock yarn, let me know if this didn’t work and I can find another way to help! Good luck :smile:


Do you use Etsy? My go to yarnseller there is in Canada. Look up SeeJayneKnitYarns.