"The Worlds Biggest Yarn Cake"

So, my partner and I were discussing the yarn I recieved in the mail today and we ended up on the topics of cakes because I mentioned one of my soon purchases being a winder that clamps to my desk. Anyway, we get on the topic of cakes. So he’s asking questions and I’m explaining and then he asks me something that leads me to google searching.

First he asked me “How big can you make a cake?” and I basically gave the “Whatever size you’d like” answer. Right? And then he asked me something that threw me through a loop.
“Okay but how big can you make them?”
Then we ended up on the question of

What is the worlds biggest yarn cake?

Google gave me nothing and we want answers lol
So I’ve come to my lovely favorite community, and thought this would be a fun discussion;

Just how big can you make a cake?


Technically only as big as your winder goes.
That’s for a non commercial I think 8-10” :woman_shrugging:t2:

Some yarn brand made an anniversary cake, I didn’t see one in person, but it looked like about 14” :smiley:


Yes true, the winder is the limit but you can also cake by hand. Which leads to the question lol


Apparently Guinness Book of World Records lumps string yarn twine into same category. This ball rolled by ONE man over 29 years at 4 hours a day.

Biggest Pom Pom apparently. Just thought I’d throw that in there. :crazy_face:


Yesss! This is what I was searching for! Thank you so much for sharing, that is so freaking awesome!
My partner was shocked at the size haha
As was I!
Also thanks for throwing in the pom pom addition, that’s super cool too!


Leave it
to me


You da best! :yellow_heart:
Edit: I also got to brag to my partner, I was like “I told you my community could find it if we couldn’t” lol

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That’s so cool