Thinking of doing a farmers market selling crochet. Any tips?

Recently I thought of doing a farmers market and I want to know if there are any tips to increase sells or overall general advice.


If I’m not mistaken about what farmers markets are, for that type of market I think display is the most important thing. The way the whole thing looks for people walking by is what attracts them to stop by. So definitely plan ahead, have different levels to display your stuff on, people tend to be more attracted to that than if it was a completely flat surface. That’s especially true if your products are 3d!




I’ve no experience with farmers markets, but I have assisted friends selling at conventions?
@Winternightmare’s advice sounds good. Definitely try to display your stuff at different heights. See if you can invest in ways to display your stuff: small shelves, stands to hang things if you make keyrings and stuff.
Clear signage is a must too: Making it clear what can be bought and how much it is is always great to know when passing by stalls.
Eventually, if you enjoy selling at markets etc., having something like SumUp to take card payments is great too.


I know as a customer I’m more likely to buy from a vendor that acknowledges my presence (as opposed to sticking head in phone or book and a grunt), offers assistance and doesn’t talk too
Much. Cleanliness of items very important to me.
Always smile and wish the customer well even if they don’t buy anything. They may come back!


Hi! Ive got lots of experience selling at markets. One of the best tips i can give is to make your display look good by using table cloths and not overcrowding items on the table. I use wooden crates to display my amigurumi. The crates give height and are uniform in style - meaning I use different sizes of crates but they all look the same. I find that selling one type of item - amigurumi or home decor or accessories - is better than having a little of everything. Be friendly and not overbearing. If the shoppers like you and find tou easy to chat with they are more likely to buy.


Be prepered for all weather if it is outside, I paint small rocks with my logo on or other related stuff, they are great to hold stuff down on a windy day!