Time zones an currency

Just a thought
Being new to selling i have found it difficult to set a release time and price because it does not default to my country or area. I was also looking in my store where it shows who has doenloaded your patterns and it said they were bought Jan 22 but for me it was still Jan 21. It may be easier/more convenient for people if putting in where we are from would change aspects like what day and time the app thinks it is, the default currency when pricing products, default time when setting release dates, etc. Or at least make it more clear that it isnt in your own areas time and currency. Or have a conversion calculator on the app so I dont have to keep googling it​:joy:

Another thought
When posting tester calls it would be vool to have a section in the post editor itself that asks for due date and time so that if your testers arent from where you are you can put in the due date and time from your time and then the app convert it for others so there is less/no confusion around when they have to be done testing.


You can change your currency in the app.
Go to the help center and search “currency”

As for the date thing, I believe you mean like this?
You can click this calendar button when you’re making your tester call post.


Thank you


This is a really good idea! I am thinking of writing patterns soon so this could be very helpful. Your tester call for the tiny top hat said you would be choosing thursday morning but, for me, it was wednesday night.

I love the idea for the tester calls. I’m from Belgium myself so it is very difficult for me to know when to have it ready. Therefore I always try to at least have it done a day earlier (example: due date is the fourth, so I will have it done at least the thirt in my timeline)

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Ive been trying to put my time zone on it so that people can atleast know what timezone im talking about

If you use what @artnium73 said every single one of your testers will automatically see it in their own timezone.

For shops and personal reports we use standard UTC.


Ikwym, in my tester calls to avoid confusion I make everything due by the end of day ( 11:59 p.m.) on a certain date for the testers’ local time. That way I don’t have to worry about time zones, it’s due at the end of the day for whatever time zone you’re in. I’m in the Eastern standard Time zone (GMT -5:00). So by the time I wake up the next day, all tests should be done.