Tips for changing the size of the crochet and thread ?

Hi everyone,

I’m a baby crocheter, and i’m barely starting to make bigger pieces like sweaters and all that jazz. BUT i do have a question ( multiple questions actually):

  1. is it possible to change the size of the crochet and thread ? Let’s say that the pattern calls for a 4mm crochet and 3mm thread and i want to use a 7mm crochet and 6mm thread.

  2. how do you manage the increase and decrease if the number of stiches is not the same at all since the crochet is bigger or smaller ?

Thank you so much for your tips and advices :cat:


Honestly, it depends on the pattern and how big you want your finished object to be! What’s your project?


It all depends on what you are making.

You will def get a bigger or smaller end result.


It’s a sweater. I want it to be the same size, i just want to use a different thread :slight_smile: . One that is bigger than what the pattern calls for.

And then it got me curious in general about how doable this is.


It requires a bit of math, and sometimes doesn’t really work… You have to figure out what your gauge is with your chosen yarn, and determine what the pattern gauge is to figure out the difference…
For example
The pattern’s starting chain is 32 with a gauge of 8sts = 1in/2½cm but your yarn is 6sts = 1in/2½cm… You would need to have a starting chain of 24…


Is it a plain pattern or something with ‘a pattern’ in it?


You should be able to up the crochet hook size and thread size equal to the suggested the pattern calls for (basically what you were saying) and probably just do less rows in the repeating row section (like say it’s 70 rows of sc’s, do the pattern up to the repeating section and just do less depending on your size/fit). Hope this helps!! :two_hearts:


What I usually try is go up a clothes sizes or down.

Along with a gauge swatch you might be able to wing it.
Use one if your fav sweaters as a guideline. It’ll tell you fast if you are off track


Thanks for all your answers !
The pattern is a succession of tripple crochet with increases and decreases from time to time.

I’ll work the math based on the sample. For the inc and dec, the idea of using an already made sweater as template is so good ! Thanks a lot.

I think the math with the gauge I can work pretry easily. My main issue really being where to put the inc and dec.
Ex : 40 stiches with an increase at 9st, 15st and 31 st.
If the new thread calls for 28 stiches only, where to put the increase ?

From what i get from your answers there’s no easy solution for that !

Again thank you for your time and assistance. I ll check all your tips :slight_smile: !


Try this, I use it quite a bit.



@anoswaldoddity : oh my stars ! Thank you so so so much. This is a GEM !

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With questions like these i kinda think if my Granny was still alive she’d have all the answers the only thing she couldn’t read or write, well she coud sign her name . But man she would wip up socks, jumpers, even made my shorty bloomers pjs in a night or 2 no patter all made up in her head.


I’d just space them out throughout your new stitch count.
I’m more the ‘wing it’ instead of ‘math it’ type :smiley::joy::smiley: