Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Yarn Stash


I am curious about how everyone manages their yarn stash. Do you have any tips or tricks for organizing and storing your yarn? Do you use specific containers, shelves, or even creative DIY solutions? :thinking:

I often find myself struggling to keep my yarn tidy and easily accessible, especially with different weights and colors. I would love to hear about your methods for avoiding tangles and keeping track of your inventory. Bonus points if you can share pictures of your setup! I checked Suggestions 🙌 - Ribblr community guide for reference but still need help.

Looking forward to your advice and ideas.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I got a yarn winder a little while ago and it is a lifesaver! I wind up all of my new yarn and then put it into a cart. This is just my collection of plush yarns that I use for amigurumi but I have boxes for extra yarn and thin cotton that I use for details. Everything else is in a few dressor drawers but I rarely use that yarn​:yellow_heart:

This picture was from a while ago so my collection has since grown and become a little messier​:rofl:


This is from about a month ago so some stuff has moved a bit, but here’s my main setup

The bottom shelf has most of my wips and I keep the rest in the drawers under my bed


I have storage containers where I separate them by color, with one container containing the special type of yarn like chenille, eyelash, etc since I don’t own a lot of those types of yarn. But I usually get the same weight so it’s no problem to do it by color you could seperate by weight, type, brand, etc depending on your yarn

I cake them so they don’t get tangled, just make sure to keep the yarn label in the center of the cake or something so you remember what yarn it is! I accidentally tossed them and some are a mystery lol :rofl:

Personally I prefer them in containers so no bugs can get in them but if you live in a place without worrying about that I think it would be fine to leave in the open, but to avoid getting tangles I think getting a yarn winder would be good but I do know it can be done by hand if you prefer :smile:

Just a note the Suggestions :raised_hands: category is meant for suggestions to be made for the Ribblr platform so I don’t think you could find anything there, if you use the community search with some keywords you’ll find more topics about this :grin:


I have a yarn pyramid in my craft room. :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn: :yarn:


Im struggling with a place to put my yarn too. :sweat_smile: I crochet in my living room so there’s not really space for another shelf, so i just kinda… shove all my yarn under other furniture :rofl: I hope to get a cart like RainbowPenguin’s though. I usually keep my yarn just in the labels and i havent had a tangling problem yet.