Tips for Teaching a Crochet Workshop

Hi everyone! I’m going to be teaching a crochet workshop for the first time in March! While I’ve taught people how to crochet in smaller settings, this is the first time I’ll be teaching a larger group of people.

I’m worried that with it being such a large group, some people might not be able to see what I’m doing when I’m, for example, showing how to make a single crochet or chain. I’ve thought about splitting everyone into smaller groups, but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

I’d also be interested in any other tips or suggestions!


Tell them that crochet takes time and it’s 100% normal to struggle with picking it up instantly :slight_smile: also show them the same skill at least 3 times and go slowly :slight_smile:


One idea could be to show the stitch or technique very slowly 1-5 times then help people who didn’t get it those first times. I’ve also taught a couple of people how to crochet individually, and found that guiding them instead of showing them works for easier concepts, like increases when they already know sc .


Thank you both! I’m definitely going to use your suggestions! Especially those who are just beginning and might not get it right away. I’m going to try my best to make everyone feel comfortable and encourage them to keep going! I think it’s a great idea to go over it a few times with the larger group and help individuals who didn’t get it also. Thank you!!

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