Tips For Using Chenile Yarn

Does anyone have any tips for using chenille yarn? I’ve tried so many times and the yarn keeps shedding.


What brand are you using? Some brands just shred a lot

Also try to not pull from the end


try not to pull on it too hard. And like @ashensalcove said, some brands just shed more


because of the structure of chenille yarn, you will not be able to avoid at least some shedding.
If you look very closely, you will see that it is actually a line of tiny fibers being loosely held in place by a tiny rope of twisted thread. Any action that is able to catch and drag one end of one of those fibers will be able to pull the fiber loose from the thread holding it in place. The smoother the tiny fibers, the easier it is for them to be pulled free. So, smooth and shiny fibers equal more shedding. The friction of being pulled between your fingers and being rubbed against itself while being pulled into a stitch are enough to pull fibers loose.
this shedding is also why it unsuitable for use in any item intended for a child under the age of three, those fibers can become wet and clumpy and block the nose or throat.


If you’re starting off with the magic ring, try to keep ur tension lighter. Too tight May cause the yarn to be harder to pull which may make the yarn shred. My only tip is to lighten up ur tension BUT NOT TOO LOOSE since it’ll cause the holes in ur project.


After working with chenille daily for past year- tapestry needles just make the chenille shed more.
Now, this works fabulous!
It’s called a finishing needle. The inside can expand for large diameter of chenille without “biting” into the yarn. It can fit into tight spaces, and that point can get into the stitches.

Bluey’s tail with finishing needle.

The only drawback is the price for some plastic!


I also skip the magic ring and ch 2, place 6 sc in 1st stitch of the chain. That way I can work in the tail, and I don’t have to pull tight causing shedding.