Tips on finishing projects before starting new ones?

Hdhhsjdghs I love my girlfriend and I want to make her a million different things, but I need to finish the projects that I’ve already started. I’m currently crocheting a Jumbo Puppy Cat and I had started a Baymax amigurumi a couple of weeks ago.

Does anyone have any tips for actually finishing projects??


weave in the ends
make sure they dont show

make sure to finish every detail before moving off so you dont forget about it

i can think of anything else


Oh god, I have so many wip’s that’ll just never be finished :sob:
I think the biggest thing I do is put on an album or a record or something (preferably like a 30 minute one) and just work until the album is over :skull:But getting the motivation to actually do that usually involves promising myself snacks XD


maybe give yourself due dates? like this specific thing needs to be done by the end of the month… it seems to help me


abi why not just a playlist :sob:


Listen to the Hamilton play (I prefer the Disney one), watch a show and turn your brain off if it’s really repetitive, get one of those dog clickers for training and every time you finish a row you get the satisfaction click


Honestly? Just start.

Starting is the hardest step of any project you’ve been putting off. It’s far too easy to let the "I don’t feel like it"s get to you, but those tend to fade away once you’ve started.

Also, avoid using new projects as a reward for finishing old ones - it seems logical, but doing so only increases the desire to start something new. :heart: