To have an Embroidery/Cross stitch tab?

I was wondering if embroidery/ cross stitch is allowed to be posted and if so to have a tab on the tag list?
Just so it won’t go into the personal thread or just no thread at all.
If not totally understandable!
Thank you for your time!


I just ask cause I like to switch from crochet to cross stitch. And I don’t wanna get in trouble for not having the right tag per se or thread chain.


Of course all arts and crafts can be posted and shared! By tab do you mean the space it’s in? Spaces are made when there’s a lot of interest in it, other ways are for users to make personal space all about cross stitch and embroidery, but you won’t get in trouble for posting about your other arts and crafts :blush:


There’s no tab (which you know) but you can create a space for embroidery/cross stitch!!


I used to cross stitch all the time but not picked up my WIP in years.
I seemed to suddenly struggle with blurred vision.
Hoping to get back to it and would love to see your projects