To WIP or not to WIP!

I’m just after some ideas about how others would deal with the WIPs situation…

I’m moving across the country in a few months time and am trying to decide if I should:

reduce my WIPs so I at least seem more organised


do I create comfort for my first few months (most likely years!) by finishing WIPS I started before I moved?

Strategies anyone?


That’s a tough choice. Considering I just moved, (OK, it was a year ago, but still.) I was too busy before the move getting things ready to move. I would be sure to pack the WIPs in a tote that stays near you on both ends, so you have something to take a break with. You will need breaks!


I agree, moving is hard work and you will want a distraction, particularly when you have given up on finding out which box the cutlery went in!

If you are worried about seeming organised to other people, I wouldn’t worry about that at all. If finishing a few projects will make you feel more organised then being able to tick a few things off the to-do list will help you feel in control of the whole situation


From experience, I know if feels really good when you get to the bottom of your WIP Pile. Tastes change. More importantly than if you “should”, finish WIPs is the question “do you still want to?”. Evaluate each project and make sure you still want to complete it. If you aren’t feeling it, it’s okay to frog. No one should work on something that no longer brings them joy—even if it was started already. If you are still excited about completing it, then go for it, forget the pile waiting, and focus on that one particular project until it’s done.


@HookedByMarilyn I’m at that funny stage where I start the job in September so need to be there by then, but my house will go on the market next week. A bit of house limbo!

Maybe I should work on harder WIPs now as I will only want easier ones closer to the date and after?


I think this is a big issue. Unless you have hobbies, you cannot understand the yarn stash/ WIPs and it is made even more obvious how much you gave when you are downsizing. Very little yarn has been removed from my house pre-move but plenty of clothes, shoes, toys and even books! They have all found new homes.

The yarn is my security blanket!


I get this completely. It is amazing how many WIPs I end up giving away due to some strange loyalty to the process having started. I’m a bit of a completed finisher in some respects… obviously not enough to be monogamous though.

It might be a good idea to assess at this point! New life, new start, new invigorated WIPs pile!


Staging a crochet / knit area … hmmm
I have a basement full of yarn we moved with us. But, we bought the house first. Good luck.