Tote Bag Tester Call

Hi all! Looking for testers for this lovely tote - the Carnation Tote Bag.

It’s a favorite when I vend at markets and a solid holiday gift make!

*deadline to apply is Sunday night, Nov 19th, PST
*testing period is Nov 20th-Dec 4th
*materials: worsted/medium weight cotton yarn, ~100 yards in each color, US H hook (5.0 mm)

If you’re interested, please send me a message or find me on instagram or TikTok @kitistudi0 for the tester application <3

Thank you!
Kiti :slight_smile:


Hi! Just to let you know if you would like to post a tester on ribblr, it has to be on ribblr. Try to remake the post so people can apply. I also believe this is part of the terms and conditions


Ohhhh such a cool bag!!

Oh okay! Thanks-I’ll definitely do that next time.

Thank you!

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