✨Trends & Fads✨

Trends and Fads seem to be shifting constantly in the crafting community! It seems like there is always this new next thing and then poof it’s gone in such a short amount of time! So with this in mind I have a few questions so that we can have a discusion on how this all affects the community! This is an open invitation to any and all crafters no matter what you make!

• What are some trends/fads you want to stick around?
• What are some you are totally done with?
• Do you enjoy the rapidly changing scene or do you wish it would slow down?
• Is this sustainable in the long run?(sustainable in all areas, physically, mentally, you name it)
• Are we reaching a point where we have sacrificed quality for quantity?

Let’s keep this discussion kind and gentle, opinions are opinions and we don’t all have to agree! There isn’t a right or wrong answer here just thoughts and perspectives!