Trouble Measuring Length

Hi everyone! I’ve gotten into my head a little bit with this project I’m working on and need advice. I’m essentially making a huge rectangle and the pattern says it should measure 27 inches in length. My problem is if I’m measuring length do I measured on the straight edge off the rectangle or from the middle? The straight edge gives me 27 inches but measuring from the middle gives me only 24. From where am I supposed to measure and which measurement is accurate?


I’m a little confused on what you mean by middle? But here’s a photo that might help you :smile:, let me know if you meant to ask you something else and I can try to help you again!


Edit: Here’s another photo I think understand what your asking left to right or up and down, honestly I would ask the designer if possible since both the photos are labeled differently so I can’t be sure either lol



I’m not sure which is the right way either, but I would guess that you should measure from the edge and then block the item to stretch it out to its correct size after. I think the 24 you’re getting is from it scrunching up as you’re working on it? You can try and see if it measures up to 27 in the middle while you’re stretching it with your hands, and see if that looks alright.


Sounds like your tension is different from when you first started. Definitely block it and see if that solves your problem!


If you hold it up while measuring, the middle is going to sag, which might be the problem? If you lay it on a flat surface and measure it and it’s still 24 inches in the middle, maybe you’ve accidentally missed some stitches, basically causing a “dip”. That’s to say if I understood it right? I drew a quick picture, so you can tell me if this is the shape, or if it’s what you mean;

Middle line (24 inches)
image Edge (27 inches)