Trouble with Ribbuild - lots of errors


I’m having a bit of trouble with Ribbuild, and I have no idea how to fix or circumvent my problem.

Ribbuild gives me an error every time I try to do pretty much anything. I uploaded a cover picture, gave the category and the units of measurement, then got an error. These are always the things I do last, so that pattern is completely written out already.

I tried making a copy of the pattern - same issue.
I tried making a new pattern so I could try and copy the pattern by hand - same issue.

I’ve tried rebooting my browser and my computer

Does anyone recognise this? And if anyone does, how did you fix it?


What error is it giving you? There are some things it wants you to do in certain orders so that the program can do it’s thing as you are writing it


Hi! There was an error with input tags in your pattern’s cover page, which has been resolved within the hour. Can you check if things work seamlessly again for you?


Ribblr Team!

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Hi! Everything works again seamlessly, thank you! Now my new pattern can be published on schedule :blush: