Trying to recreate this top but I'm new to knitting

Hey y’all! I’m an experienced crocheter but fairly new to knitting. I saw this top on Anthropologie and wanted to try to knit something similar. But I’ve never worked without a pattern before and would love any tips. I think it’s just two long rectangles worked in stockinette and then stitched together, but I could be way off. And it looks like the weight is maybe dk/light worsted?


I couldn’t find an exact pattern for that but I have a good work around for this hopefully! Here’s a pattern that I found that’s long to best show what I mean (feel free to search any v neck or regular cardigan/etc anything with two panels) the pattern you chose doesnt have to be long either as you can easily add or remove from the panels

This is just a pattern to sort of explain what I mean with how it looks. I haven’t bought this pattern so what I say may not apply to it

Most garmets like a cardigan have two panels (left and right front) with one panel for the back but I believe if you instead make 4 panels ( 2 lefts and 2 rights) one left and right for the front and the other left and right for the back you can make this

When it comes to the sewing you’d only sew/connect a bit of the front and back like the photo and a bit on the sides, for the sleeves you can just make them short by not doing the whole length (making sure to do the shaping if any)

With the image from the pattern above if you were to pinch the cardigan closed in the middle and sew it and make the sleeves shorter I believe it would look like it

As for the yarn honestly it’s up to you, in the photo it’s a bit hard for me to say what it is, my best bet is to just make test swatches with yarn you may own and see how you like the stitches coming out (also your needle size/tension/gauge/etc will also change how the stitches look so going down and up a size could help get the look you want)

On another note congrats on your first post! :smile:

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I don’t knit but trust the process and don’t rush it.