Two sided?

Im fairly new with Tunisian crochet. I’ve made a couple of scarves /shawls
I was wondering if Tunisian stitches are generally one sided?
I’m wanting to make a spring/summer scarf with tunisian but I’d like the pattern/stitches to show on both sides
Any advice appreciated thank you :blush:


Pretty sure @Abbeymade can help you with that! :sunglasses:


Tunisian crochet usually has a front and a back.

The simplest way to have a front and a back that’s most attractive on both sides for something like a scarf is to work with two colours and a double ended hook.
You swap colours on one side and you turn the work before making the return pass then again after the return pass.
I don’t have specific patterns for this but I’m confident you’d find something on YouTube.

I’m f you want to get advanced there are some Japanese books that use this method to make lace. It’s not for beginners, even I haven’t played with it much because I’m more of a garment person and it’s not needed.

Are you looking for something in a specific stitch?


Thanks for your reply
Didn’t have a specific stitch in mind, I have the design I want to do with 3 colours, was wanting it in tunisian but as I say wanted the stitch to be apparent on both sides not to be different front and back,
I may have to revert to normal crochet for this scarf :scarf:
I will take a look see if I can find the Japanese book you mentioned


sorry it took me so long to reply - haven’t looked at Ribblr chat for a while. Yes, if you want it to be the same front and back, standard crochet is best. As I said, there are a couple of options in the Japanese books but they’re not easy!

Hope you found a solution.