Universal or Six Flags?

Hey yall my sweet 16 is coming up and my dad said me i can take my bff to six flags or universal idk which one to pick me and my bff are huge harry potter fans which would be fun at universal but we love rollercoasters i cant decide can ya’ll help?


Idk if this helps, but there are a few rollercoasters at universal, so you kinda get both! Have fun wherever you decide to go!


thats a great idea i think ill do that :smile: :smile: :smile:


To be fair, UNIVERSAL ALL THE WAY! Universal is awesome, and I would rather spend time roleplaying as a character in the magical wizarding world than riding a ton of roller coasters. You will still have tons of fun at Universal, and they have some intense rides but also some that aren’t. I would rather live the experience in the wizarding world then ride a ton of roller coasters in one park. Universal also has multiple different parks. I think universal would be more fun, providing that you are both Harry Potter fans :slight_smile: but either one would be fun!


I appretciate the info :smile: i think ill go to universal that sounds amazing

no doubt i want to go to

UNIVERSAL :smile: :smiley: :smiley: