Unsubscribing not working?

I’ve been trying to unsubscribe from all sales and promotional emails since I join Ribblr(maybe a few months ago) and it never sticks. I hit the unsubscribe link on the email and click the unsubscribe box, but I keep getting the emails. Ribblr doesn’t seem to have a user or tech support where I can talk to an actual person rather than the general “help center” at least that I can find which is annoying so I guess Im stuck asking on the community board. Anyone know what I can do besides sending everything to junk?


Hello! I am not sure why unsubscribe feature isn’t working, but the only other thing I could think of is to possibly block the email, as if you were blocking a phone number. If you were to do this, you most likely wouldn’t get any updates/message alerts on Ribblr through email, so you would just have to make sure that that is something you are willing to do! I hope you get your problem solved though!:blush:


Hi there, we’re always here for you! Via the community or email, working 7 days a week from different time zones to always be available.
We can also see you’ve reached our team but have deleted your message.

It seems you have ticked instead of unticked your required preferences.
There are several types of notifications such as updates about sales from patterns you follow, general updates & promotions and more. Using the link at the. bottom of each email you can then decide which option to opt in our out of.

In any case we’ve manually updated it for you and opted you out of all emails.


I appreciate the help. I think I deleted what was the message to your team because it looked like it was just going to be a community post instead of a message to you? Making it easier to find someone to talk to could be something to work on for the future, perhaps putting it along side the help centre? Either way, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Sorry for the confusion. There are both posts and messages here. And if you scroll down in the help centre you’ll findable button to reach out to our team :slight_smile:

We also recommend checking out the full community guide if you want to learn more: