Video help please

Hi guys,
I’m trying to integrate a couple of videos into a new pattern. I have them all on You Tube but they’re unlisted. I’m not so keen on making them public because I’m linking it in with a paid pattern. When I use the unlisted video link I get an error message about not being able to play the video through another website.

So I tried uploading the video instead via the camera icon but it said the file was too big - 30meg and under.

Do you have any workarounds I can try? Or do I need to make the video public?


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Hi Abbey!
It should work perfectly fine with unlisted videos. Is it possible the video is set to ‘private’ and not ‘unlisted’ by mistake?

If not, please send us the name of the pattern so we can have a closer look.
Thanks :blush:

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I’ve double checked, they’re all unlisted other than 2 which are public.

I had a closer look at the video settings on YouTube and it turns out I unticked ‘allow embedding’ on a couple of them. Now that I’ve ticked that, they play.

I think it could be handy for you to mention in the Ribblr help to make sure that ‘allow embedding’ is ticked if people want their videos to play!

So it was me, not Ribblr.


Great to hear that it works and thanks for the feedback - we’ll add information regarding that!