Weekly wheel

So seeing as the wheel is now a random weekly thing, i was wondering if theres a possibility of removing the ‘No luck’ prize?
Most people got no luck every day when it was daily, and even though theres only 1 space containing that we always seem to land on that option.
I would suggest removing it and putting some sort of prize there instead?

Thanks for reading (:


Yessss I literally got no luck every single time, and when I didn’t it was one material coupon and one 2x free patterns. In ALMOST A YEAR


I would think of it as a free lottery though! You dont have to pay to enter, but have a chance to win. Unfortunately we cant all win, even ive been cursed with no luck for a while, but it happens. Looking from a business perspective, i understand it by looking at my own crochet. I can do giveaways once a market, but everyone cant be winners or id be broke.

I would just get your lucky trinkets out for each roll!


i just got no luck :sob:


Thanks for sharing! Our spin the wheel was launched just at the end of last year so we continuously improve it - thank you for your feedback. We hope you’ll win more now that the spins are weekly!


Yessss plsss


I was aleays getting the “ribblr +” coupon, then after i signed up for it i always get “no luck”


I’ve gotten “no luck” for I don’t know how long

EDITED TO ADD. At least now I know which day to check. For me it is Mondays


As much as this would be nice, this would be a terrible move at the business end. Imagine this scenario:
You have a little booth at some sort of festival. You have a wheel everyone can spin to win crochet prizes. If you had a “no luck” space, that would help too much from being given out. Without it, every wheel spin is a guaranteed prize to give out, which can drain supplies.
Hope this helps! <3


hiii i just had a suggestion for the new wheel @Ribblr . so u know how u can only spin once every week, i was wondering if u could consider taking out the no luck part of the wheel and maybe replacing it with a less good prize because u already waited one week. that’s all, thanks


Yes @Ribblr , I was wanting to say that as well!! If you wait a week, might as well get something, bc you waited so long.


This was explained in a previous post similar to this, but it works like a loterry! Unfortunately we cant all win, like from a business standpoint how we cant all give out crochet plushies. :slight_smile:


but they could add other, non-damaging prizes (like a small coupon or an extra free pattern) so it still feels like you’re winning in some way! idk i do get what you’re saying but i also get what the people who don’t like it are saying lol


Extra free patterns is already a spin I believe!

But giving away patterns isn’t free either, if it’s a free paid pattern you’re talking about that uses the small business creators resources, or Ribblr who has to buy the pattern if that makes sense.


Thanks for sharing! All ideas are valid and provide us with great insights.

The wheel was launched to provide extra value for Ribblrs, and it’s still pretty new! (around 6 months) so you’ll continue to see better versions of it this year.

To touch on what @Alyphira said - whilst we would LOVE to gift everyone we do have to fund all gifts, whether it’s coupons, gift cards, bundles. And we need to sustain Ribblr so we can continue to operate, grow and fund more cool stuff!