What amigurumi crochet for a baby

Heya everyone!!

I come to you with mega ultra important question. My girlfriend sister want me to crochet something for her 2 months old baby. What is important that she want it to be very durable so he can play with it even 2 or mkre years later.

I thought about jellyfish or octopus but it has thin and long legs so it could be torn out.

I seek for your help I believe in you :purple_heart: You can send me even links for patterns :blush:

Tl;dr: I’m looking for pattern (amigurumi) to crochet for a few months old baby. Expectations: durable so it still will be usable even in a few years

Thank you all! :purple_heart:


Check out some of the squishmallow patterns here on ribblr, they’d be your best bet due to limited appendages.

However, regardless of whatever you make I highly recommend not using safety eyes, and embroider them on instead.


Very nice suggestion with those squishmallows, I like it.

And yes safety eyes are not that “safe” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to add to the safety eye warning and also advise against the fluffy yarns (velvet, blanket, etc) as the shed very easily.

There is a “doll” that is made by knitting or crocheting a tube, changing colors at certain times, then sewn in “special way” that my daughter has had most of her life now and it’s holding very well (she’s 2½), let me see if I can find an example/ pattern

Comfort doll pattern Once on this page, click Comfort (Izzy) Doll… (if you want a skirt instead of pants, just omit that sewing line)


I’ve made this before for expected babies:

It doubles as a puzzle toy for when they get older, and the legs are crocheted as part of it and in a way that can’t be torn off. Just make sure you make some crocheted eyes and sew them on thoroughly instead of safety or button eyes.