What are some positive things we can take from this pandemic?

This past year and a half were tough.
Our lives as we knew them completely changed at the beginning of 2020. Many precious lives were lost, and an end of this pandemic isn’t around the corner.

Having said that, I was trying to think of some positive things we can all take from the pandemic, and I mean on a personal level.
For example, I think the pandemic brought a lot of people together, especially in the crafting community.
It made many of us understand that regardless of where we live or who we are, we are pretty much alike. Personally, I think that’s very powerful.

I know it must be hard but I’d love to know what are some positive things you’ve taken from the pandemic so far, if any?


I, personally was very stressed with school and work before the pandemic, I would often only get about 5 hours of sleep. When COVID hit, I was devastated, but it was the first time in about 5 years I wasn’t stress. It was wonderful to relax and get extra sleep. And by the time school and work started up again, I felt very refreshed!

Another great thing that happened to me was that I got a new friend to keep me company!! :grin::grin::pig:


Basically the pandemic enhanced my two major hobbies: baking and crocheting! (I also learned how to knit a couple months into the pandemic) This is because I got to spend more time on these things then going out to someplace and shopping or whatever. I had more time on my hands and could spend more time on things I love to do! You can also shop online too which probably gives you more time, just find what you want, place an order, and not drive back and forth from the store to your house. It also gave technology big updates, and I think I call some of my friends and see them on a video chat or whatever much more than I would usually see them in-person. It gives you a whole nother “world” so to speak, of connecting with friends, family, and just people in general. There are still very sad things that happen because of the pandemic, but I gurantee if you look for the good things in life, and certainly the good things in this pandemic, you will see that there are many good things coming from this pandemic! Just look for them. Try it!!! : )


Wow! That’s definitely not good :grimacing:
I am really happy to hear you’re feeling less stressed and thank you so much for sharing! Important insights.

What a cute friend!


Wow, that’s very inspirational! It’s amazing how it actually brought you closer with your family & friends and it actually helped me realize it’s pretty much the same for me!


Oh my gosh how cute!


Adorable! I’m glad you were able to recharge.