What are the best things to sell at a crochet market

Please give me some ideas


Amigurumi is always good! Thats what i usually do.

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amigurumi works the best, but if that’s not what you make, scrunchies, hats, tote bags, handbags, and coasters sell great!
if you make ami, i recommend whales, bees, frogs, or octopi! these items are small and trending. i think smaller items tend to sell better in markets but you can have some larger items for a better appearance :smiley:


Amigurumi sells great (because kids run up and look and parents / grandparents usually buy it for them)
Leggy frogs, octopi, and bees are always popular
But if you dont do Amigurumi i recommend
Market bags, coasters (maybe sold in packs of 4) etc. I dont really know much about anything other than Amigurumi :sweat_smile:


I’d definitely say amigurumi, bags, coasters, and scrunchies. Some amigurumi that works fast are bee, whales, and octopus.

Have fun with your market :two_hearts:

Here’s a simple bee amigurumi :purple_heart:

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As everyone said, Amigirumi. I recommend a variety of keychains and small plushes with a few medium/large plushes. You’ll want more small stock with lower prices, but still bring some higher priced stuff. Small items like scrunchies and face scrubbers also work. If you’re feeling adventurous, try hats and bags. Car ear beanies and bucket hats are easy and appealing as are grannie square shoulder bags. I don’t reccomend anything over $50 for small events, or $75-100 for medium-large events. Avoid super time consuming things like cardigans and really big bags, unless you know people bring serious $$$ to the event (large conventions and ren fairs count for that, as they usually attract both expensive vendors and rich buyers)

You can also tailor your stock to the events. Fall celebration? Halloween stuff! Convention? Nerdy stuff! Close to a holiday and the event has no theme? Holiday stuff! Ect ect. Have fun!!

I make mostly clothes, and for that I would suggest smaller items such as bralettes, tops: that’s what I usually sell more!