What are your yarn reviews about Himalayan dolphin

Ok so I’ve been seeing this yarn called
Himalayan dolphin yarn and I’m curious.
Whats your yarn review about it?
Is it similar to premier parfait chunky ?
Or is it different if so how would you describe the difference?
One of my yarn stores started to carry it and I’d like to hear from fellow crafters and their personal feelings on it.
I do personally love the chenille type yarns.
Thanks a bunch


I’ve never used premier parfait chunky, but it’s pretty much like a smaller version of sweet snuggles which is similar to parfait chunky


My favorite yarn in Himalayan Dolphin Baby. It glides off the hook, shows stitches well, and is just a pleasure to use. I think it most feels like Chenille Home Slim, only softer.


its my fav too! but the other options i have are yarnart and etrofill so i don’t know if that helps


I appreciate each of your responses. I’ve boughten a chenille type yarn before to try and it was terrible. I can’t recall the name off hand. Personally I use lots of sweet snuggles and parfait chunky. So if it’s similar the i may just give it a go.