What do you like in testers?

Hiya everyone!

I’ve been on a testing spree lately, both on Ribblr and Instagram. I usually give feedback if rows don’t make sense, counts are off, and sometimes, if asked, grammar/English as that’s my major.

I truly adore both being a tester and working with testers (although I admit I’m still rather new to the pattern writing scene).

So, those of you with more experience, what do you like to hear from most testers? Are there any things in particular that annoy or bug you?


Uuu as a tester myself, i would love to hear more on this topic!
I also try to give feedback on round counts (if they are missing i offer to do the math as well), if i dont understand anything i ask and suggest a note to be added in the pattern (unless its an obvious me issue lol!) And not always, but i have also found mini grammar mistakes i point out :slight_smile:
I also make journals, and try to not keep designers waiting on me (and im always active, ghosting is a no-no)


I might or might not refrain from answering this question.


Haha being open is always helpful, I would love to hear :heart:


I’d love to know, too! I love pattern testing, but have been afraid that I come off the wrong way when I write my journals. I’m suspected ASD, so I have a very good attention to detail and have always had a “text-book” like way of explaining things and writing in general - I even text with full grammer and punctuation and have been told it’s “annoying”. I get scared that I’m going to upset someone over stating they have a basic miscalculation or if there isn’t a space between words. It’s actually bad enough that 7/10 times, I make my fiance re-read what I’m about to say so that I sound clear and informed, without sounding “heartless” or “like a robot”. That’s why I use so many exclamation points​:joy:


I get that! I’ve adapted quite a while, but genuinely most of the time I am hyped or excited when I use the exclamation marks :sweat_smile: That’s where I’m on the fence with communication, too. Mine comes from overanalyzing and anxiety mostly- which is why I asked this question in the first place. I just wanna provide the best feedback that I can because honestly I love working with other artists and such, and I want everyone to enjoy the experience to the fullest extent.


Not a designer (yet) but just want to say I am constantly worrying about this myself and can definitely relate to the overanalyzing and anxiety.

I always try to make it clear when something is a suggestion or stylistic vs something that affects the pattern (like st counts and the like) and hope people realize I’m always coming from a place of helping and just offering alternatives that may not have been considered.

When I give feedback, I try to think of whether I would appreciate that kind of feedback/information myself if it were my design.

(I may or may not also overuse exclamation points :sweat_smile:)


I`m glad you asked! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. English is not my native language, so I translate everything with google translate back and forth, back and forth (from my native language to English and back again). Since there are no genders in my language that`s why it is more difficult. I appreciate when someone corrects me in this regard.
  2. Everyone’s logic is different, so I also appreciate it when the tester says that the rows/rounds don’t make sense and I get a suggestion on how it should be.
  3. When I write a pattern, I crochet it 2 times (at least), once when I design it and once from the app, so that the numbers match. but since you know your own pattern, you don’t notice all the mistakes, so it’s good when the testers warn you that something is wrong with the numbers.

Since I think we can release good patterns with the help of testers, I’m not offended, no matter how they write it.

Think about the fact that if it weren’t for you, our customers would make the “suggestions” and they wouldn’t be kind!

I would also like to thank all my testers for their hard work and I hope we will work together again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As a designer, I like my testers to be honest. If there is a better way to do something, I’d like to know. Like if something is not common and you think a note is necessary, tell me. Or if my wording is off, give me an example of what would be less confusing or just better. I have so many testers make the item and tell me they had no problems with the pattern. That’s great but I know it’s not perfect. Some feedback would be nice. Even if it is something as small as bolding the stitch counts.

As a tester, I’ve given feedback on the format of the pattern like the order of the parts. I also introduced someone to the invisible finish. Designers don’t know everything so it doesn’t hurt to say something like “have you heard of the invisible finish method? That might work well here.” Most designers are eager to improve :woman_shrugging:

I’ve had bad experiences with testers and designers so the important thing to remember is to not take it personally. If you test for a designer and they are rude or you just didn’t have a good experience, finish the test and then don’t test for them again. Same with testers. Put their name on a list and don’t allow them to test for you again.

Also, you’ve done a great job for me! :grin:


Love your perspective @brikoba


Designer here
I don’t care how silly you think the question is, ask it. If you are confused on something, tell me. If you have a suggestion, make it. I can sort through what I think is an actual error or just confusion. I don’t get annoyed by a tester sending me messages and enjoy any chance I get to teach something new.
The sizing feature takes some getting used to and just a comma in the wrong place will throw off the whole line. The hints won’t work if you don’t use the EXACT abbreviation as the program, which is not the abbreviations I learned, and can cause confusion. These are tiny things, but important, and may only show up under certain circumstances.
I have the same problem as most people that are advanced in a topic/skill and tend to use terms that a beginner might not understand, or skip over a step that I find second nature that a beginner may not know. I want my patterns to be as accessible as possible for those that have reached that skill level, so I need to know if I’m not clear.
I love it when a tester makes a journal, and I can see the process in real time instead of a list at the end and then I’m able to make corrections as soon as possible…but since those are public, a note at the end saying that I made the corrections would be nice.


I think most has been covered.
First is communication. Anything you have to say is important to me. If it’s causing you confusion, we can fix it. That’s why you are testing. I also want it to be easily understood by most skill levels. The more advanced makers can skip over the explanations if they don’t need it.
I love the journals. I think we all need examples of how it worked for others, especially if different yarn was used. However, since there is now an option to do a group test with the testers, that would be a better place to discuss issues. I get a notification of a journal, but not an update. And that’s not very timely.
I like to leave a picture at the end of the day so Maria see’s my progress. But then, I replace it when I get a section done. Just me though.


I only own a handful of knitting and crochet books, but I consulted one today and found 3 mistakes in a single passage for a 1 line stitch repeat. Thank goodness there was a picture included, or I never would have figured it out.
I am so glad we have testers!