What is a Tester?

What does being a tester mean? Am i making the project? and if so what is a journal?


If you visit the help center and search tester you’ll find a bunch of questions and if you click them you’ll see a lot of good info, probably better than I ever could explain lol

A journal is meant to be a review for a public pattern and how you felt about it, however many designers ask for journals which is fine, however it’s important to make sure you don’t post any screenshots of the pattern or write anything about the pattern down, as this is public for everyone to see this can also be found in the help center if you search journal :smile:


Being a tester means you use the pattern to make what they intend, and look for any mistakes. Yes you are making the project. And a journal is what you use to give positive feedback, and provide a picture of the finished project


oh Thank you!!

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Hi! A designer creates a pattern & they hold a “tester call”. Which means the designer is looking for creators like you to test their pattern! So you create what the pattern says and then give feedback to the designer. Good and bad (like mistakes) or if you have any questions. You can also post a photo or comments in your journal, which the journal can be found inside the pattern. And once youre done with the pattern. The designer will gift you the pattern & karma point!

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oh cool!