What is the most Wattpad thing you’ve experienced from your crush(es)/lover/someone?

I just saw a post from @Kenshae about who our first crush’s name were so this question popped up in my head :sweat_smile:

I think the most Wattpad thing that happened to me was the only romantic thing I’ve ever experienced in life (for now). This is kinda a story about my interactions with my first crush!

My first crush and I were in the same classes all of elementary school. I’ve noticed him since kindergarten and the first thing I’ve noticed him for was because of a dance our teacher taught us to do. Everyone including me, did the hand dance correctly but when I turned around to look at my classmates do the dance, he was the only one doing the hand move the wrong way lol. I was intrigued by how he did it so I copied his movements :joy::sweat_smile: (this was also in kindergarten I think) some guests readers would come and read books which teaches us a lesson at the end of the day. The book was about how the bear kept kicking the ball all over the house knocking stuff over or something like that. After the guest reader was done reading the book, they asked us students if we had a similar event happen to us. I wanted to raise my hand and talk but I didn’t have any similar experience so I made up a lie about how I kept kicking a ball so my older brother told me to stop kicking the ball. I don’t remember what I said but I vividly remember saying the b word :sob:. The guest reader’s face looked shocked and although her eyes were wide open, she tried to maintain a smile lmaooo :sob::joy::sneezing_face: my first crush sat beside or behind me (something like that) so he tapped my shoulder and told me “you can’t say that word.” And I swear :sob::sob: I was like “I know…” because I did know!! :joy: I knew I f up lmao. Fast forward to 4th or 5th grade, I cried about something and it was either my birthday or my birthday was going to be on the weekend, my crush gave me a gift and there was like a $5 in there as well. He said something like “don’t cry anymore, see I got you a present. Don’t cry anymore okay?” :confused: he was comforting me…

Apparently, those were the only interactions I remember that were romantic (or what I think is romantic :sweat_smile:). I regret not telling him that I have feelings for him but it’s up to me to give the closure I need now. I do have dreams of him sometimes. I think of him sometimes. I feel like I did him wrong a bit but I was still a kid so I didn’t know what liking someone would be like. (I still don’t know what liking someone is like lol) but yeah! Thank you for reading!!

Please write about your Wattpad moment(s)!! I want to know!!! :hugs::heart:


oh wow girl. he sounds so sweet dude. Honestly when i think about it, I’ve had a LOT of wattpad experiences in my life. I think my favorite is when one of my guy friends (we’ll call him kai) who liked me got detention for me. a month or so before it happened, another one of my guy friends (we’ll call him bryson) told me that kai liked me. at the time, me and kai werent friends and i didnt even know who bryson was talking about. well, bryson kept telling me that kai reeeeaally wanted to go out with me and when i saw kai for the first time i was like NO (mind you, i was going to say no anyway bc i dont think dating while still in school is a smart thing to do). well, one day, i just decided to sit by kai in the cafeteria while waitng for my bus and i started messing around with his hair (AGAIN, this was our first time talking). i was bored so i just started flirting and was like “i heard you like me huh.” and he was like, “hell yeah i do.” so i asked him if he wanted to be friends an dhe said yes and asked for my number. ofc, i said no, so we made a bet that if he “had” me by the next two months, i had to pay him. but if we were still friends, he’d pay me. well, i was never attracted to him bc he just wasnt my type. but he was sooo nice to me that i couldnt help but like him for that. then, comes the actual wattpad experience. i was in my 7th period one day and really needed to go to the bathroom. i asked my teacher and she gave me a hall pass to go. the bathroom were waaayyyy down the hall so i had a good little piece to go. well, while i was in there, the bell rung for 8th period and i panicked bc i knew there was no way i could go way back up there to get my stuff and then come all the way back for my next class. i ran into kai and asked him to get my bookbag from the class. i totally forgot about the hall pass. by the time he came back the tardy bell rung. the principal asked us why we were in the hall and not in class and i said i went to the bathroom and needed to get my stuff but the bell rung before i could and showed him the pass. kai said he was getting my stuff (now that i think about it, the princpial probably thought we were dating bc of that :person_facepalming:) but the princpal said that wasnt an excuse so he gave him AFTER school detention. i felt so bad and i apologized to him and he said it was cool as long as i didnt get in trouble. my heart wanted to explode. and to make matters worse, i never went out with him.