What’s should i crochet

I got a 143 yd ball of Lily’s sugar and cream yarn in faded denim color, I LOVE the color and have used this brand of yarn before I’m just not quite sure what to crochet. I’m a beginner-ish, and like making simple clothes or amigurimi, if that helps. But I’m just looking for something to do with it. I’ll attach a picture of the yarn too.


You could make a coaster!

Good Idea, Thanks!

Ribblr have some lovely patterned ones

Good idea

I specifically use this brand of cotton yarn to make market bags! I’m really bad knowing how much I use for a market bag - but for future reference I love making the free “color block market bag” that’s easily searchable on pinterest or google.

you could also start on christmas deco early and make a snowflake doily and starch it so it’s stiff and hang it <3

OMG i love that yarn so much! I recently made a mesh water bottle bag with it and it worked so perfectly with my hydroflask. Would definitely recommend!!

Cute ideas! Ill see if i have enough yarn for a market bag

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