What size yarn used in this pattern

I was wondering if anyone knows what size yarn is used in the Harry Styles Inspired Crochet Cardigan by elviona halim on YouTube. (It would not let me link the video)


I found this in the comments:
In summary:
• 17 squares of each color, she used milk cotton yarn
• half double crochet stitch
• squares measure 15 cm x 15 cm

  • ~22 chains for 18 rows
    • bottom ribbing - half double crochet back loops only
  • 11 chains, 135 cm long
    • cuffs - hdc back loops only
  • 11 chains, measure wrist, but she did 18 cm long
    • middle ribbing - hdc back loops only
  • 6 chains, ~117 cm long

Thanks but what size yarn was it or what size yarn is best for a cardigan like that? I’m a beginner to clothing and am wanting to buy the correct yarn size?


There are some cardigan patterns here on ribblr. I guess you could look at them and see what they are using. I have used many weights and types myself. The correct size of the square would be most important. So do a gauge swatch and use other hooks if needed. This link might help you understand the recommended “milk cotton” yarn. Good luck. Maybe someone else can help you more. Milk Cotton Yarn: Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Caring



In the description, there’s a link to the yarn she uses I think.


I’m looking at doing the harry styles inspired cardigan this year.
The pattern I’m looking at using is worked in chunky wool.


This is a two part

If you go to:
Official Henry Styles Cardigan by JA Anderson
The actual cardigan is a knit one, and done in panels of rectangles. But there are several crochet copycat Harry Styles you tubes and links to website patterns in the links.

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