What to do when a tester designer is nonresponsive and you've completed the test

Hello fellows! I’ve got a couple tester patterns on my page that were supposed to have concluded a couple weeks ago and have tried, but cannot get ahold of the designers. I don’t know why they’re unresponsive but have not replied to messages or, if there was one, the group chat in a while. The lingering patterns are cluttering up my test page and I was wondering if there’s anything we can do, besides removing ourselves from testing, to complete the process on our side as testers.


It’s annoying when the designers do that ;-; after around a month of them not replying to anything i say i just leave. I also message them to let them know i had to leave bc they didnt remove me <3


I had this happen to me. The first thing that I did was message the tester I had completed the pattern, with a completed photo of the pattern. When they were unresponsive afterwards I have taken my time and waited. I would say wait about a week longer than the due date was, and then if they still are responsive, then I say just leave like what @DasChubba had said above.


@RooCrochets and @DasChubba are right. if ur designer your testing for won’t care to reply you, then they don’t care enough. i have a question tho: have you seen your tester designer active anywhere else in the community?


Hi ive had people do this DO NOT REMOVE THEM RIGHT AWAY! What i do is i post a comment on the group chat and i say “how is your shark going @blahblah34
Then if they dont respond to that i private message them and if they still dont respond in like a day or so i remove them from the group chat and i remove them as tester (dont press remove and gift press remove) but if you see that they are actively commenting on posts then that just means they are completely ignoring/ghosting you
And they could have notifications off in their settings so the may not get notified about things on the group chat, but if you get tagged you get notified and if you get a private message you get notified


I’m the tester for patterns in question, not the designer. ^-^ I will keep this in mind for when I’m the designer, though.


I haven’t seen them active anywhere else, but I havn’t truly been looking in other places, so i’m not sure. I’ve tried chats and direct messages where possible and not seen a response, or messages in group chat if there is one (There’s not a group chat for at least one of the patterns on my tester page.)


Honestly, it baffles me that this is an occasional issue. Testers are doing the designers a HUGE favor by donating their time and talent to help ensure the designer is successful. I can’t help but assume there must be some issue at play… connection issues, life events, etc.

Is it possible to archive testing patterns like library patterns?


This is a great idea. Put it on the suggestion page.

Is the pattern you tested live on ribblr? If not, there could be a problem with the pattern that needs fixed first.


When I have people test my patterns I do my best to be able to contact them During, while and after they test because to make sure there are no mistakes but I can see forgeting about responding back. And that’s what I’m hoping happens when I don’t get replied back to when doing a test. Hopefully they reach out to you.


That’s really unfortunate, just like how testers can ghost designers it applies the other way as well. There’s a chance that they’re not getting notifications. I had a designer not reply for a long time to a question but then replied and said they didn’t get notifications since they were logged out of Ribblr (that did happen to me as well as others) so that could have happened to them as well since not everyone is going on Ribblr everyday. However if they’re still active in the community that’s probably not the case. (See below on how to tell when users were last active)

For whatever reason maybe they aren’t getting message notifications. If it’s a group message chat I would individually message them, in their tester call post I would comment (if it’s closed I would comment on their most recent not closed post) and even use the private chat (not message) asking if they received your message as you didn’t get a response yet

It also could be because they don’t want to gift the pattern to completed testers, which is unfortunate. As testers we use our supplies and money to make sure the pattern they created is understood and enjoyed by all. If they didn’t intend on gifting the pattern at the end, the very least they could have done was mention in the testing call post and not ghost testers. Just like how designers keep note of testers that ghost them it’s also important as testers to keep note of designers they probably won’t work with again if they ghosted them as well.

I would wait to remove yourself as you won’t get karma that way as only through gifting and removing is it rewarded. I would do what I mentioned above and message them through all possible way to make sure they are getting the notifications and if after that they are still active then they might have ghosted you and don’t intend to gift the pattern unfortunately

Here’s how to tell if a user is active in the community you click their profile and then again until you’re able to scroll down a bit and see something like this (make sure you click the three lines) it shows everything they’ve done if you scroll down and can even be specific as well for topics, replies, likes, etc) let me knkw of you need further/more detailed explaination :smile:


Thank you all for your input and answers! I appreciate that you all took the time to help me with this, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!