What to watch while crocheting?

Hello everyone! Hope y’all are doing well! I just wanted to ask y’all for some suggestions on what to watch/listen to while I crochet. I’m open to all suggestions! I’ve recently discovered Kurtis Conner and I am now a member of kurtistown! I would still love the opportunity to watch other things as well! Thank you so much! :heart::heart:


Like content on crochet? TV shows? ! Movies? Podcasts??


Could be on any topic! Something funny, something scary, etc.


This weekend my sister and I watched the fast and furious movies. I was crocheting while watching them.
I also watch my crime shows while I crochet.
It just depends on what I watch but I usually just crochet while I watch anything.


hello fellow citizen of kurtistown :raising_hand_woman: i love watching kurtis too :flushed: there’s a lot of things to watch, i just finished watching a few old nickelodeon shows that i’ve seen before so i don’t have to pay too much attention while crocheting

also drew gooden is another youtuber similar to kurtis. and danny too ig :sweat_smile:


So I tend to watch things that I don’t care if I really see it… although with that being said, I have watched quite a few shows that ended up being really good
I also like shows that are already done so I can watch through without having to wait for the next episode or season

My current, though, is Supernatural… I was watching it back when it first came out, then didn’t have cable, so I got behind, so I restarted the whole series on Netflix this summer…

Another one I liked this summer was Designated Survivor

A few other series that I’ve enjoyed include Charmed (original from 90s-00s), Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, House, NCIS (haven’t watched last 2-3 seasons though), Bones, Law & Order SVU, Bones, Army Wives, How I Met Your Mother, and I’m sure I’m forgetting several lol

I enjoy Bailey Sarian on YT (both Murder Mystery Makeup Monday and Dark History)

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I liked watching bones!


Basically horror movies and all sorts of music. I made a playlist for Stitchin’ Tunes but then I added something I didn’t mean to add to it. They are songs that are about crafts or sound kinda crafty theme to me. My ultimate favorite is industrial music. I’ll have to reorganize my list at some point but it’s not shareable.


Hello fellow citizen!

I watch a lot of CallMeKevin and Minecraft vids.