What was your first finished object (FO)?

Hello everyone! Learning to knit can be daunting. I think it makes it easier when you see that everyone was a beginner at some point! Care to share your very first FO?

Pictures welcome, but feel free to just describe it if you don’t have a picture!


It seems that I can’t add a photo at this time, so I will just describe mine!

Mine was a very simple washcloth pattern knit with cotton yarn. The outside border was garter stitch and the inside portion was stockinette stitch. I made many mistakes and it took me a very long time, but I still use that washcloth to this day! I’m so proud of it! I made a second one with much better results, but it was years before I made anything that I was really impressed with myself over. Knitting is a journey!


It is an exciting journey! It takes time and a lot of practice to really master a craft skill :sweat_smile:

What seems to be wrong? Happy to help.


My first knitting projects were simple squares. I learned from YouTube videos and just practiced CO, knitting, pulling, and BO until I felt comfortable. I think my official first project was a dishcloth! :grin:


My first proper knitting project was a drop stitch scarf in colinette jitterbug sock yarn. I made so many mistakes but luckily it doesn’t show.


My first knitting project was a scarf - It was just a plain one-row repeat scarf. I think it’s the easiest thing to make for beginner knitters so they can practice knitting stitches and tension, and to get a flow with their hand movement! At least that is what I found helped me a lot. I’m still a beginner though, but I think soon I’ll be ready to take more complex projects :wink:


I don’t have a photo, but if I remember right it was a garter stitch scarf. I was about 4yrs old and my Gran taught me. I’m now (coughs) 46. What I do remember is that in primary 3 at school (age 7) the girls were still taken once a week to learn knitting. A simple teddy, garter a leg, make another, a few rows for body, cast on arms… you know the kind. Anyway, mine was done in just a few afternoons and I was knitting fair isle and aran jumpers for my Sindy. Never really stopped since :smiley:

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