What was....

What was your favorite memory(ies) from a Broadway show?
Mine was when i saw Frozen on broadway when the snow got projected on the walls and when i saw wicked. Just seeing it. I love wicked.


oooo i have two. one from when i was little and i saw come from away (my first broadway show) and i went to the show door after and got to meet one of my fav actors (jenn collela) and meet her and then the second one from semi-recently when i went to see some like it hot and i didn’t know anything about it and then it was one of the most incredible musicals i’ve ever seen


When we saw Mary Poppins and she flew over the audience at the end


I have only seen one, it was a few months ago. Back to the Future - I LOVED IT! The best part for me was when the DeLorean flew from the stage. It was AMAZING! :heart_eyes:

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