what's average for karma points

im new and i am testing my new pattern I have testers that have applied but don’t know if their karma points are high or low, what’s an average amount of points for a good tester?


For amigurumi:
Low would be below 10
Average would be 10-30
30+ would be considered high

Since everyone started at 0 not too long ago. Meaning as time passes the numbers of what is considered, low, average and high will eventually rise.

So currently the above numbers should be correct. But in months time people will have accumulated more karma points. So in the future low for example could be below 30, average would be 30-50 and high would be 50+ as time goes on. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I would like to point out it is best to always look at people’s makes to help choose testers. As karma points do not reflect skill level and are not completely accurate of how good a tester is. For example I am deemed a loyal tester. I have tested around 140 patterns, but I have only 42 Karma points as when karma points were introduced everyone starts at 0 despite previous tests. So you should definetely not fully choose your testers based on points. Always make sure to check makes and give lower point people a chance too. As like mentioned above everyone started at 0, some people have not had time to test since karma points were introduced. So you might miss out on a great tester :white_heart:


Depends on what your testing too, people who test amigurui can get karma points much faster then people like me who tester clothing items. They take longer. You can do like 5 amigurui patterns in 1 week and recieve 5 karma points while you only get 1 for completeing the clothing item in the same amount of ti me


thank you both so much for your help!


I would say as long as they’ve tested more than once or twice successfully, the likelihood of them completing your test increases. But to put precise numbers on that would be hard considering a lot of us work jobs etc. and can’t test as much as some others, but still have a lot of tester experience/crochet skills. For example, I’ve been a tester for about 1.5 years, on and off. I’ve maybe completed 40 or so tests total, but I have below 10 karma points.

If you wanna know if a tester is good, the best is to ask for pictures of items they’ve tested :heart: hope this helps :blush:


I’m not sure I’ll even consider them myself. As was said before, not all testers have Karma points. I test exclusively for Letodolls and have for almost 2 years, but no Karma points since I am on as an editor, not tester. Also, I really like to give new people a chance. You gotta start somewhere. :yarn:


I know the thread is a little old, is there a way to see our own karma points, I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find them

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Go to your makes and you should be able to see!


As someone who is currently testing several patterns, I don’t always look at karma. I know I have testers new to ribblr who tested for me on other platforms, so I want to give new to testing on ribblr people a chance. I typically pick a variety of karma levels. If a lot of people apply, I look at did they reply to the post, then will look at other factors, like have they tested for me before, what makes do they have, etc. I tend to pull at least 1 person without any makes (unless it’s a format only test, those I want people with lots of makes).