What's your top three fav christian songs?

Hi !
my top 3 favorite songs are ( i had to stop here others we’ll all be 110 once i finished :joy:)

  1. Gratitude : Brandon Lake

  2. Me on your mind : Matthew West

  3. Crazy People : Casting Crowns

What’s yours?

  1. Look up child by Lauren Daigle
  2. I thank God by Maverick city music
  3. Help is on the way by Toby Mac
    This is in no particular order to

Err… Just 3? Impossible.

Mary did you know?
I can only imagine
Amazing Grace, my chains are gone
This is where the healing begins
Breath of heaven

And about 30 more that I can’t think of the titles right now.


I know most of us could go on forever


I love all those songs aswell

  1. Come to Jesus - Chris Rice
  2. The commission - Cain
  3. So will I - Hillsong
  1. The Commission by Cain
  2. Still Rolling Stones by Lauren Daigle
  3. Gratitude by Brandon Lake

theres more but those are some good ones hahahaha


So the hymn “Victory in Jesus” has always held a special place in my heart (you should read the story behind it)
“Thy Will be Done” by Lauren Diagle is usually a go-to, especially in rough patches
And although it isn’t one I listen to super often as the memory is a little bittersweet “The Blessing” by Kari Jobi


Mary Did You Know is one of my favorite Christmas songs (along with O Holy Night and Where’s the Line to See Jesus)


I like the heavier stuff so

Rattle- Elevation Worship
Graves into Gardens-Elevation Worship
Beautiful things-Grungor

And a special one “How Great Thou Art” as performed by a Scottish band- Celtic Worship

There’s a new ( to me anyway) heavy rock artist- Stephan Stanley.

However, Bands I listen to the most are Delirious and Toby Mac.


I can’t choose just three so here are some of my favs I think everyone should hear!

  1. This Girl- Lauren Daigle
  2. Do it Again- Elevation Worship
  3. Jesus Does- We The Kingdom
  4. Praise Him Forever- Jervis Campbell
  5. Firm Foundation- Cody Carnes
  6. Rest on Us- Elle Limebear
  7. Digital Death- Jervis Campbell (read the lyrics to this one it’s so good)
  8. Deep Cries Out- Bethel Music, William Matthews
  9. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
  10. The Secret Place- Victory (This song is so beautiful and I recommend the whole album, this is psalm 91 sung, nothing added)

These are in no particular order, and I have so many more that I love!!


Oh goodess three?!?! I’m preparing myself to fail this! :joy:
I’ll put the artists in! ()

  1. Preference (Rachel Morley)
  2. Yet ( the King will come)
  3. Abide-Acoustic (Dwell Songs)

These aren’t really in order but I think these are my top three!


It’s super hard picking three! I gonna need to add some of those songs to my playlist


I’m actually singing I thank God at my youth group this week! I love that song it’s so fun :laughing:


Sorry I’m late y’all, but I have like 100 songs on my Christian playlist so this is gonna be hard!

Picked my top ten ish lol these are really great songs I definitely recommend!! :smiley::sparkling_heart:
“All hail king Jesus” (The worship initiative)
“Any more” (Cain all their songs are great!)
“God of revival” (Bethel music)
“Life is good” (this is a bop! Courtnie Ramirez)
“Love anyway” (Tenth avenue north)
“My testimony” (Elevation worship)
“No longer bound” (also a bop lol Forrest Frank)
“Oceans” (Hillsong United)
“Raise a hallelujah” (Bethel music)
“Worthy” (Elevation worship so good!)

Sorry, last one! But really you should listen to all of these there so good!

“My Jesus” (Anne Wilson)


Wow I’m really late, but I have a ton of songs that I love. I come from a little country church with about 30people including my family of 5. There aren’t a whole lot of people but there is a whole lot of love for God and each other. But back to the point we sing a lot of southern gospel music so I request that everybody go look up these songs that are probably a little less known.

  1. Not afraid to cross that river (by the Millers)
  2. What kind of man (by legacy five)
  3. I’ve seen what He can do (also by legacy five)

And some maybe better known ones
4. Crazy people (by casting crowns, a huge encouragement to anybody that is scared to tell people about Jesus)
5. Just Might change your life(by sidewalk prophets)
6. How can you not see God (by Leanna Crawford)


These are mine:

Thank God I Do · Lauren Daigle

Anxious Heart · Jeremy Champ

Fires · Jordan St. Cyr