When we want something but have no money to get it.

During lock down I wanted to get a circular knitting machine. I didn’t just want a bottom of the line machine I wanted to get a nearly $200 machine and a smaller one for $135. So both for a total of $335. Ouch where was I (as a grown adult) going to get that kind of money?

I put on my thinking cap and with the lock down needing masks I sat down at my sewing machine and made over 100 masks. I sold them at very reasonable price (to get more out) for only $5. In less than a week I had $500.

If there is a need and a will there is a way.

We have an art that will always bring money. Sell locally to family and friends. (Great pricing article was shared earlier today)

For questions just ask.


That’s amazing, congratulations! I wish I had the courage to charge friends and family :sweat_smile:
Did you end up getting both of the machines, or something else? :slight_smile:


Yes both machines plus shipping. If we don’t charge for our time we eventually get used and abused and then start to lose interest in our art.

Nothing is impossible. Have a bill due but paycheck is in a few weeks? Make and sell things.