Which is better?

Hello! I am new to Ribblr (and crochet) and wanted to know which is better for amigurumi crochet, yarn under, or over?


Most people yarn over i think, but either works


I believe over is best


I personally prefer yarn over because it is easier and quicker, but a lot of people like yarn under because it makes the stitches tighter and cleaner. In the end, it really comes down to your personal preference; neither one is always better or worse


I like yarn under better bc my tension with yarn over was horrendous, but with yarn under, i can control my tension alot better and my sts look sooo much better. Its also the way you yarn under. I find that when you insert ur hook, yarn under, pull up a loop, yarn under and pull through all loops gives a much better look to your plushies.


I have begun to use yarn under for projects but am bouncing between just wanted to know if there was a correct way. :smile:


Yarn over is more common and what I personally prefer, but either is usually okay. A lot of people like yarn under for amigurumi because it creates tighter stitches. Just be aware that it can affect the outcome of some patterns that are no-sew, have detailed shaping, or if there is colour changing during the round. It happens because more ‘drift’ occurs with yarn over than with yarn under.


Yarn under is a snugger stitch so if you are a tighter tension crocheter you may prefer the yarn over. The yarn under this one’s perfect for Amigurumi. It’s good if you crochet looser especially if you have gaps In between stitches. It’s just a cleaner appearance. I use it even in my low sew patterns.


I like yarn over because I crochet super tight.

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