Which pattern?

Hey guys! I have three patterns ready for testing, so I was wondering: would anyone be interested? Vote for your favorite and whichever one has the most by the time I wake up tomorrow, I’ll open a tester call for it. Check the drop-downs for pictures!!

  • No-Sew Spider
  • No-Sew Candy Corn
  • Low/No-Sew Gory Eyeball
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No-Sew Spider

Including legs, he’s about 9 inches across using size 6ish yarn (got the skein as a present with no labels lol) and five inches with size 4 yarn

No-Sew Candy Corn

About 2 inches tall with size 4 yarns

No/Low Sew Gory Eyeball

About 3 inches diameter, 5 inches front to back

Thank you!!


The eye ball for sure!!

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It’s not looking like a front-runner, but I’ll be testing all of them soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m just trying to not have multiple open tests at one time so as to not get things confused haha


Alrighty! I’ve closed the poll and sent out the tester call for the no sew spider. Testers will be chosen on Monday, January 1. Testing will be due Tuesday, January 16.

On Tuesday, January 2, I’ll be posting the tester call for the no/low-sew eyeball and selecting on Saturday, January 6. Testing will be due on Sunday, January 21.

On Sunday, January 7, I’ll be posting the tester call for the candy corn and selecting on Friday, January 12. Testing will be due on Tuesday, January 31.

The spider and eyeball will definitely be paid patterns, so testing is your chance to get them for free. I haven’t decided on the candy corn pattern yet, but I’m leaning toward free since it’s pretty simple.

Thanks everyone!!