who am i poem

my smile isn’t real,
everything is fake,
i’m being pulled under the water,
there’s not much more i can take,
i’m lost inside a version of me,
that doesn’t really exist
like i’m trapped inside a thik fog,
pulled inside a mist,
no one knows the real me,
the me that’s filled with doubt,
they don’t know i’m depressed,
more insicurities than i can count,
somewhere along the way i started caring
what people think,
now it haunts my every move,
and i can barely breath,
i used to like people,
now i like being alone,
i am just a child,
but i already feel grown,
everyone thinks i’m responsable,
someone they can trust,
but if they saw inside my head,
that would all be done,
i need someone to hear my problems,
someone who likes me for me,
but im scared that if i told someone,
I’m scared that they would leave,
if i showed someone the scares inside,
they would turn the other cheek,
do i even know who i am anymore,
have a officially lost it,
i don’t think i can care anymore,
i’m just to exausted.


sending Huggies :people_hugging::people_hugging: