Who uses Canva app?

If there is anyone here on ribblr that uses Canva to write their patterns could you explain what “section” you’re using and which version (free or paid) you use.

Ive read a few messages where its been mentioned in a very good light, so I went to their website and all I seem to be finding are posters, websites, etc. Nothing similar to writing patterns. Do I have the wrong app name or am I completely lost, :thinking:

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I never seen on there where you can write patterns. I only use it to make my tester calls, appreciation post and photos that go with patterns for instagram


I’ve used it to make images that go with patterns.


I do and I use the free version. I’ll have a look at the app and let you know. It’s fairly easy to navigate through
Edited portion I just used the US letter option.
I made a cover page with a photo title and by my name. Then continued with another page
For the layout I made two columns and adjusted photos under each section. If you’d like you can pm me for help I can walk you through it. I just don’t want to post my pattern photos on here.


Thanks for the kind offer. I actually thought Canva was a “crochet writing” app the way anither user referred to it; however, it was only my incorrect assumption. I did find a great article on actual pattern writing software with a Bing search. Not sure if Im allowed to share the article, but was easily found in the search.
Thanks for all those who answered. God Bless everyone, always,


I believe you can. I share links on here often. You just never know it may help another user who is looking for this too. Canva is a digital app or website to create a place for graphic design I’ve created patterns to altering photos
But I am naturally curious on this website your talking about now.
Some people also use google docs or Microsoft word as well to make patterns but I am open to ideas.

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The only thing I use canva for is to make my pattern pictures.

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I use canva for the like photo collages for Ribblr

I use a template I bought on Etsy for my PDF patterns and the free version! It’s very practical

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