Why Write it Like That?

In my patterns, I write something that I don’t “read” in my head. I’ll try to explain it here! Does anyone else do it this way?

On even numbered inc/dec rows where I could just write “4sc, inc”, I instead stagger the stitches so that the inc/dec of the project aren’t all stacked on each other from row to row. If you don’t. it makes little “lines” of texture up the sides of the project. You can think of these staggered rows as if you split the sc part of the sequence between your first and last stitch of the round. For example a “4sc, inc” row will start and end with 2sc. It’s easier for me to think “break the 4sc in half and then do 4sc, inc around” than to think “2sc, inc, 2sc” like its literally written.

So, the pattern will say:
“4sc, inc”

But in my head I hear:
“2sc, inc, repeat (4sc, inc) until the last 2 stitches, then 2sc”


I do similar shortcuts in my head also. For example, I never make a chain 3 and turn. I turn and make an alternative turning chain.


Ooo! I haven’t seen that one before. I dont use turning chains usually either, but I have a different alternative. I have no idea how to explain it or a link… Hmm… Okay so I Ch 2 and turn, but then instead of yearning over, I insert into 2nd chain from hook, then insert into next stitch. So essentially, the ch replaces the y/o loop and it gives you straight lines!

I’m definitely going to try this style too. We need a side by side comparison!