WIN $100 📣 Introducing: Personal boards, premium freebies and more!

Introducing Ribblr+ Gold and Ribblr+ Platinum :tada:

Today, we are super excited to announce Ribblr+ Gold and Ribblr+ Platinum for those who want to get the best of Ribblr.

To celebrate, we’re giving away $1,000 worth of yarn to Ribblrs signing up to Gold or Platinum in the next 10 days. Use PLUS10 to get 10% OFF too!

Giveaway and promo ending 2024-04-22T03:59:00Z


Unlock Ribblr+ :unlock:

✅ Personal boards to organize your wishlist and library

Starting today you can create your own boards to perfectly organize your library.
Make collections by event, season, holiday or any function. It’s that simple!

You can also create boards to organize your wishlist :star_struck:
Personal Board

- Available for Ribblr+ Gold and Platinum only

✅ Turn your PDFs to Ribblr ePatterns

Finally, all your patterns in one place. :raised_hands:

Turn the PDF patterns you got outside of Ribblr into beautiful modern Ribblr ePatterns, and craft with ease anywhere you go, with all our unique features.

Watch how you can do it.

- Available for Ribblr+ Gold and Platinum only

✅ Pin patterns for quick access

Create shortcuts for the patterns you’re working on or wish to see at the top of your library. Just click the pin icon! :pushpin:

- Available for all Ribblr+ tiers

✅ Premium weekly pattern freebies

Cover the cost of your membership with this one amazing perk. :gift:

Claim our weekly premium pattern, from all your favorite designers, completely for free.
Look for ‘This week’s freebie’ on your homepage and claim it.

- Available for Ribblr+ Gold (1 claim per month) and Platinum (claim all) only

If you aren’t a Ribblr+ member or you’re on our Starter tier you can still claim freebies by purchasing materials.

✅ No ads

Prefer less distractions? No problem. :relieved:
With Ribblr+ we remove all promoted content.

- Available for all Ribblr+ tiers

✅ No free patterns daily limit

Claim as many free patterns as you want by removing your daily limit. (5 per each 24 hours) :tada:

- Available for all Ribblr+ tiers

✅ Exclusive Ribblr+ badge

Ribblr+ Gold and Ribblr+ Platinum members receive an exclusive member badge which is displayed across the platform!



✅ Materials coupons

Ribblr+ Platinum members can claim a monthly materials coupon. These are exclusive coupons that save you a huge amount on your order.

Just head over to the materials page to claim your coupon.

Note - materials can currently be shipped to USA and Canada.

✅ Monthly $elFee points gift

Ribblr+ Platinum members get 25,000 $elFee points gift every month so they can slash their sale fee instantly and build up quickly toward 0 sale fees.

Ready to join?


Oh wow that’s so cool :star_struck: i love the fact that you can do boards to organize things


Yay for organization @OrangeStudios :nerd_face:
Pippi Longstocking Chaos GIF by ZDF


Of course If only I could be that organized irl :skull_and_crossbones:


I have regular Ribblr +. How do I “convert” it into gold or platinum ?

Do I have to cancel Ribblr + first and then sign up for gold or platinum? Also how much do gold and platinum cost? Without the discount?


Thanks for your support!

You could upgrade. Head over to your homepage → Click on the Ribblr+ option from your hamburger menu. You can then upgrade. You’ll only get charged pro-rata so, only the difference and not the full amount.


For the cost, ribblr gold is $10 and platinum is $14. With the discount, you’ll only need to pay 2 or 5 dollars respectively.


Pricing depends on your location, in USD Ribblr+ Gold starts from $6.99 if you pay annually or $9.99 if you choose monthly. Platinum is $9.99 or $13.99 respectively!


I just subscribed to the platinum one, but clicked on your ready to join link in your post

I had an annual subscription to Ribblr +

Hope that I’m not paying for two subscriptions.


Look at you rocking your new badge! :purple_heart:


So exciting!


How do you subscribe annually? When I click billed annually, it defaults to pay monthly.


I’m having the same issue, I’m on my phone and it just shows me the monthly rates, but I would be interested in paying for the yearly.


@SweetenedWithYarn @AdolosFlow please try again now, as you enter the checkout you’ll have option to save and pay annually and save.

Let us know if you need more help and don’t forget to apply PLUS10 for extra 10% OFF!

That takes Gold to just $6.29/month when paying annually and Platinum to just $8.99 :scream:


I have a question can I use the code from the wheel on ribblr gold/platinum

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Yes! If you win one it’ll automatically apply at checkout.

I’ve never payed for something so fast in my whole life, the thought of organizing everything makes me super happy!!


Thanks for your support! We welcome your feedback. Loving your badge :purple_heart:

Will there be ten winners at the end of the 10 days, or one winner a day? :thinking:

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Ten winners at the end of the 10 days! :purple_heart: