WIP Venti Cosplay :)

I’m currently working on a cosplay of Venti from Genshin Impact! I found some pictures of some hats made by others but none of them had patterns (as far as I could tell) so I had to basically just modify a basic beret, which is why the yellow between the green and white bits is a bit wonky. If I ever remake it, I think I’ll make the yellow actual stitches instead of just being sewn on top. I also am procrastinating making the Cecilia flower, though I do have the feathers semi-finished. Anyone have any suggestions for how to make the Cecilia?


I love it!! I think Venti’s character design is adorable! So I think the most similar flower irl is a Lily. I found this video on YouTube, I hope it helps! I’d love to see it when it’s finished. :blush:


That tutorial looks perfect for what I want! Thanks!


Yay! :blush: Wishing you luck! :crossed_fingers: