Would anyone be interested? (Sentro Pattern?)

Heya! So, once I hit 10 free patterns and enough shop followers, I want to put out some paid patterns. One I was thinking about was a size-adjustable patchwork sweater/cardi, but the squares are made with a sentro. However, I don’t see much talk about knitting machines or patterns for them, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested? The pattern would probably sit somewhere between 2 to 5 dollars. Also, this wont happen for a couple months since I still need to hit my goals and make the pattern.
Thanks everyone :sparkles:


I would be interested, by I don’t buy patterns because I never know if I’m going to actually use them :sob:


I think theres been one or two knitting machine patterns that ive seen. Ill have to take a look, but as always if you come up with your own pattern why not? It just adds to your portfolio!


i think you should make it anyway, even if not many people buy it, because it adds to your shop! plus, it sounds cute​:joy::sparkles: