Writing a good journal

I am doing a test for someone and it is my first time testing. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on making a good journal and any important things to write.


What was easy/confusing and tips that are not included in the pattern or maybe how long it took you/cost of materials.


I would not add anything about the pattern itself. Except for “fun to make”, or “easy to follow” or something when you are done. I like to add what yarn / hook size. Sometimes for myself to remember later. But also helps others know how you made it so cute. :wink: If it’s a smaller pattern that might be enough. If it’s larger, I like to add a daily progress picture. Or if a section is done. Mostly, communicate with the designer so they know you are working on it.


It’s really helpful to add how easy the pattern was, if there were any mistakes, what you liked, or disliked about the pattern (but be respectful about it :blush: ), and stuff like that! Hopefully, this helps!!


It depends on the designer some like progress/material photos and others are just fine with a final photo

I would like to add never explicitly write out or show anything about the pattern like written steps, etc that’s strictly in the tester group chat the designer makes, since it’s during the development stage it’s a bit unfair to write a review for a pattern that won’t reflect the final product so definitely let the designer know how you feel and if at the end it stays you can let it be known that some sections were a bit confusing to you, etc


I would communicate any mistakes or errors to the designer privately. I wouldn’t put that in the journal entry


thank you all so much for the tips!

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