Yarn Mania hook review

So a lot has been asked/mentioned about hooks lately… And @anoswaldoddity has started the yarn reviews, so I’m starting the hook reviews…

My second favorite is my Yarn Mania lighted interchangeable set (favorite is Furls Odyssey, but that review will come another day)… It is a decent price ($35 USD) for a set of 12, ranging from 2.00mm to 8.00mm… I wish it had 4.25mm, but it does have both 4.00mm and 4.50mm… It has metal hooks (tapered) with a rechargeable light (newer version has more light settings)… It has an ergonomic handle, and doesn’t squeak like the plastic crochet lite hooks, and is so much brighter (I have an older version with only 1 setting, but my understanding is this brightness is one of the settings in the new version)…
I took these pics using same settings (no flash) on my Samsung S9+ in the dark… The pics that don’t show the hook, but the project is lighted, the hooks were held approx 6" away pointed at the project

Here a pic showing the shape of the handle… I use a knife hold and it’s amazing, I held it pencil hold just to see and I think it works well for that too (can’t give as good of a review on that as it’s an uncomfortable hold for me)


Oh boy! I’m so excited you did a hook review!!


Between ALL of US we should be able to review just about everything out there!